Alpha V3 Combo Charger

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Alpha V3 Combo Charger – w/ Power Supply

A new, perfected version of a popular Alpha charger by Redox.Redox Alpha V3 features, among others, an updated software that provides a long and stable operation of the device. In addition, at the top of the battery is a large radiator that exceptionally drains heat. It is possible to change the charging current and to monitor the current in every cell during charging!

New software allows to charge high-voltage lithium-polymer batteries (LiHV) contains 5 additional, unique functions:

– Meter Lixx Battery Status – a complete information concerning the connected pack: charge %, type, current voltage, voltage per cell
– IT Battery – a resistance meter of internal cell in the connected lithium battery, thanks to which it is possible to accurately analyze the condition of battery cells
– Balancer Lithium Battery – an independent of the charging/discharging process integrated balancer for lithium cells that enables the equal voltage between cells in the package.
– Digital Power – thanks to this function the charger fulfills the role of a power supply with an adjustable power and voltage of the supplied current (max. 27V / 5A!)
– SMART battery charger – a function that allows for individual, manual setting of working parameters of the charger that the current supplied to charger cells should have

Charger features:

– Measurements: 134 x 86 x 26 mm
– Operational Voltage: DC 11.0~18.0 V
– Output Power: Max. Charging Power 50W, Max. Discharging Power 5W
– Charging Current Range: 0.1~5.0A
– Discharge Current Range: 0.1~1.0A
– Balance Current Charge: 300 mAh/cell
– Number of Supported NiCD/NiMH Cells: 1~15 cells
– Number of Supported Li-Po/Fe/Ion Cells: 1~6 cells
– Compatible Pb Batteries: 2~24V
Weight of the Charger (w/o cables): 220 g
– Integrated charger memory: max. 20 packs
– Pack cycling function
– 4 programming buttons
– Integrated ports: 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s balancer port, Gold 4 mm port, Jack port (12V DC charging), port for optional temperature sensor

The set includes:

– Redox Alpha V3 charger
– Redox charger
– 12V DC (Jack) power cable
– 1 x Gold 4 mm – Dean connector adapter
– Additional extension adapters for Gold 4 mm – Dean connector adapter: 1 x DEAN – clips port adapter, 1 x DEAN port adapter – Servo port (Futaba), 1 x DEAN port adapter – XT60, 1 x DEAN port adapter – Tamiya connector (large),
– User’s Manual in Polish


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Alpha V3 Combo Charger
Alpha V3 Combo Charger
550,00 kr
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