0.25g Specna Arms CORE™ BIO BBs – 3000 Pcs

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Specna Arms CORE™ BIO BBs

Specna Arms brand, known for its quality and the innovativeness of produced replicas, introduces a new series of BBs – Specna Arms CORE™ that are characteristic for their exceptional craftsmanship and very good price-to-quality ratio.

The diameter of a BB is 5.95 mm (+/- 0.005mm) and the difference in weight among BBs does not exceed 0.01 g. As a result, Specna Arms BBs work very well both with standard internal barrels as well as with precision barrels present in tuned replicas.

At the final stage of production, high polish is carefully applied to every BB made by Specna Arms. Thanks to a full control over the production process, the manufacturer receives BBs with perfect shape. This in turn guarantees seamless BB feeding by all types of magazines as well as a stable spin provided by the Hop-Up system.

All that effort was made to ensure shots made with Specna Arms CORE™ BBs are far and precise.

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