T238 Rainbow

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This Tracer has multiple functions and fits your various choices like Shotgun, GBB or an AEG. Which one has mounts for.
It has a rainbow colour and tracer function.
Battery: 1000mah, maximum endurance 100000 revolutions, charging with Micro USB cable

Multi-compatible with :
Shotgun airsoft
GBB airsoft
AEG airsoft
Gel blaster
Dart Blaster

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T238 Rainbow Video

Multi-compatible with :
Shotgun airsoft
GBB airsoft
AEG airsoft
Gel blaster
Dart Blaster

The Rainbow Burst is an RGB tracking device designed for airsoft shotguns.
It has the function of loading luminous bullet and the simulation function of shooting.
It can ignite the special glowing spheres that pass through the tracer.
Three high-power LEDs can simulate a variety of shot colours, such as rainbow colour, dynamic colour change, etc.
They can still ignite the bullet's flight path when using regular bullets.
The internal diameter is 23 mm, and it supports an external cylinder of 19-24 mm, with 14CCW and 16 mm interface adapters.
Due to its strong passing ability, Rainbow Burst can also be used in Gel Ball Blaster and Foam Dart Blaster.

Dimensions: 105X60X45mm outer diameter and 23mm inner diameter
Interface: 19-24 mm, with 24 mm to 14 CCW and 24 mm to 16 mm adapters
Features: Rainbow tracking mode, dynamic shot colour, loading of trackable BBs/gel bullets, adjustable shot colour
20 minute timeout automatic switch-off,
low battery level automatic switch-off
Supported firing rate: max.50rps
Supported projectile types: spherical projectile with 6-22.5 outer diameter
Battery: 1000mah, maximum 100000 , charging with Micro USB cable
Contents of the package:

Tracking device X1
USB charging cable X1
Allen key (hex key) X1
14MM CCW Thread X1
16MM Adapter X1

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T238 Rainbow
T238 Rainbow
1499,00 kr
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