Silent Sealed Cylinder Set V3 (Point)

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An affordable complete upgrade kit with everything you need for the air compression part of your V3 gearbox.

This upgrade kit has not skimped on air sealing as both the cylinder head and nozzle have double O-rings for maximum sealing.

The piston head is ported to take in air and also has a ball bearing to allow the spring to rotate freely and not screw when compressed.


The cylinder itself is polished and holds extremely tight tolerances to minimise friction but maximise sealing. This is a type A cylinder.

At the front of the cylinder head is a rubber surface that absorbs the shocks from the piston, preventing your gearbox from cracking.

The nozzle is 21.4mm long and designed to fit most M4/M16 models that use the TM standard but some manufacturers use slightly different dimensions so modification may be required if you are unlucky.


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Silent Sealed Cylinder Set V3 (Point)
Silent Sealed Cylinder Set V3 (Point)
499,00 kr
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