Mid-Cap Magazine for AK

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The magazine fits replicas from many manufacturers, but we have actually tested and confirmed that it works effectively on the following models:

RK-02, RK-03, RK-05, RK-06, RK-12, CM.028 A, CM.028, CM.037, CM.028 S, CM.028 C, CM.031, CM.031 B, CM.036, CM.042A, CM.040C, CM.039U, CM.039C, CM.042B, CM.042S, CM.042, CM.045, CM.045A, CM.040B, CM.040, CM.040D, CM.048, CM.050, JG0510, JG0509

Remember! To maintain flawless and trouble-free operation of mid-cap newspapers, you should follow a few simple rules:

1. Do not fill them in immediately when using new magazines.
2. first lubricate the magazine with a small amount of silicone oil and then:
- Load the magazine with 10 BBs, then release the lock and remove them all.
- Load the magazine with 20 BB, then release the lock and remove them all.
- Repeat this action, gradually increasing the number of BBs until full magazine capacity is reached. And then repeat the whole process a few more times.
3. It is also worth remembering subsequent regular maintenance with silicone oil.
4. Note! When the magazine is not in use, they must not be left loaded! This leads to faster wear of the spring and the entire magazine.


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Mid-Cap Magazine for AK
Mid-Cap Magazine for AK
149,00 kr
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