MAXX Hopup Chamber M4P PRO

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Best pop-up house?
Extremely well-made housing made of CNC-milled aluminium. Precise tolerances and a range of innovative solutions give the housing superior performance.
Equipped with a BB latching system to prevent bullets from falling out when changing the magazine.
Made for optimal sealing and hop-up. Fits most M4/M16 weapons with V2 gearbox of Tokyo Marui design, including Krytac and G&G (but not KWA or ICS).

Rotary design which gives by far the most precise adjustment of the hop-up, the whole hop-up system is also specially made to fit with different nubs and rubbers such as R-hop.
Fits together with nozzle 21.00-21.25 mm.

What is included:
1 x CNC Aluminium Hopup Chamber M4A Pro (with BB Latching System) unit
2 x CNC Acrylic Side Cover
2 x CNC Brass 2.5mm Side Wing
1 x CNC Steel Pivot Pin
1 x CNC Aluminium Hopup Lever
1 x CNC Aluminium Soft Round Nub
1 x CNC Aluminium Soft Flat Nub (4mm)
1 x CNC Aluminium Hard Concave Nub (4mm)
3 x Steel Nub Spring
1 x CNC Steel Spring Guide
1 x Steel Upper Compression Spring
1 x Steel Centre Compression Spring
1 x CNC Delrin Locking C-Clip
1 x CNC Brass Barrel Spacer
1 x Brass Barrel Spacer Holder Oring
1 x CNC Aluminium Rotary Dial Knob
1 x CNC Aluminium Inlet Adaptor (OD11mm)
1 x CNC Brass Inlet Spacer

Length: 51.65mm
Height: 37.75mm
Inlet Adaptor Outer Diameter (to fit into Gear Box): 11mm
Hub Outer Diameter (to fit into Outer Barrel): 12mm
Hub Inner Diameter (to fit Nozzle): 8mm
Feeder Outer Diameter (to fit magazine): 8.85mm
Feeder Length (to fit magazine): 6mm
Material: Aluminium 6061

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MAXX Hopup Chamber M4P PRO
MAXX Hopup Chamber M4P PRO
1089,00 kr
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