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H&K MP7 A1 submachine Gen2 "FULL METAL"

A replica made in collaboration by Umarex and VFC. Thanks to full licence from the real firearms manufacturer, Heckler & Koch GmbH, we can enjoy real naming and markings. The replica is made in 1:1 scale with great attention to detail - dimensions as well as weight are as close as it gets to real firearm.

The frame is made of reinforced polymer. The flash hider is made of steel while the stock tube, trigger, iron sights and fire selector are made of homogeneous zinc and aluminium alloy. The product is manufactured with great attention to detail. All parts are perfectly assembled, retractable stock does not wobble to the sides and is a firm support for the shooter. The aforementioned markings, identical as in real firearms - the H&K logo, calibre marking, serial number - look really nice. Every detail is accounted for.

The replica is equipped with a folding vertical front handle and attachment points for additional RIS rails (not included). The safety/fire type switch is ambidextrous thanks to which the replica is comfortable for left-handers. The replica is supplied with a set of folding, reversible iron sights.

Mechanical work is outstanding. System is perfectly sealed, Blow-back mechanism works perfectly and the kick is hard and impressive - it is felt on shooters shoulder when fired semi and fully automatic. Same as in original cocking mechanism locks in rear position after last round is fired. It is released by an ambidextrous lever above the trigger. All these elements add realism and make shooting the MP7 a great pleasure. Thanks to good weight shift, shooting with one hand is not a problem.

The replica is powered by green gas. The gas is stored in the magazine. The magazine itself is robust - it is almost entirely made of metal. It is a double-stacked low cap with a capacity of 40 rounds.

The Umarex "MP7 Navy is a perfect choice for all lovers of gas optics. Thanks to its small size, it can be used in tight spaces, as a sidearm or easily concealed when needed. It is also easy to transport. It guarantees great fun when shooting which is complemented by perfect external appearance and real markings.


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H&K MP7 A1
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