Glock 19X Metal Version GBB

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GLOCK 19X GBB Green Gas Pistol

Glock pistol - Glock 19X. It was made of metal and polymer. The pistol frame was made of polymer, while the slide, outer barrel and magazine were made of metal. The pistol and magazine have licensed Glock markings.

The gun was made in the image of the latest 19X model. It is a combination of a full-size Glock 17 frame and a compact image of the Glock 19 model. The Glock 19X participated in the tender for the US Army Standard Weapon in 2017, competing with the Sig Sauer brand, among others.

The G19X is also equipped with externally and manually adjustable Hop-Up - the spring control is the adjustment knob.

The front and rear sights have white markings that simplify the alignment of the sight after dark. The ergonomic grip with finger grooves was covered with a non-slip, aggressive texture.

Thanks to the Blow Back system - each press of the trigger causes the slide to be jerked backwards, which hooks the hammer and the reversing movement introduces a BB into the cylinder, from where, at a speed of about 295 m / sec, it will be fired after the pull of the trigger. Once the magazine is emptied, the slide remains in the rear position . It is possible to release it after interacting with the slide catch.

Underneath the barrel is a mounting rail that allows the attachment of a wide range of tactical accessories such as a laser or a flashlight. At the end of the grip is a tactical sling.

The gun comes with an 18 BB magazine. It is also a Green Gas container.

The box with the gun contains a "G19X" patch made in 3D technology from PVC .

The kit includes:

- Pistol
- store
- GLOCK 19X patch

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