Ghillie Suit - Woodland

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in contrast to ordinary uniform sets, Ghillie Suits camouflage, in addition to camouflage, also blurs the user's silhouette. As a result, the degree of masking is significantly improved. Masking kits are the basic part of the equipment of every sniper. Thanks to them, the sniper can perfectly blend into the surroundings and become imperceptible. Masking is an art, so snipers undergo specialised training to adapt the suit to the environment. Thanks to Ghillie Suits, you can also play the role of a sniper during ASG and spread terror among your enemies.

The main features of Ghillies camouflage kits include:

- Material: 65% polyester and 35% cotton
- packed in bags of the same camouflage colour
- strong stitching in the most important places


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Ghillie Suit - Woodland
Ghillie Suit - Woodland
999,00 kr
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