Flux Universal Charger

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Flux™ universal charger

Electro River™ - We bring your devices to life

Electro River ™ is a new quality in the power supply market. The manufacturer has set a goal to create a product whose quality will match even the best players in the market for batteries, while maintaining an attractive price. Electro River ™ is trying to meet the needs of players. The brand's offer includes efficient LiPo packs of many types and sizes, microprocessor chargers and accessories.

Every river starts its course from a source. Exactly the same as the Electro River battery, which cannot function effectively without the power source that is the charger. Flux™ is an economical and intelligent microprocessor charger that enables reliable charging of the most popular cell types available on the market (LiPo / LiFe / NiMH). The charger is equipped with a balancer and easy-to-read information display system based on colour diodes.

Charger specification:

Input voltage: 100-240V (AC)
Charging voltage: 3A max
Max charging speed: 25W
Charger type: LiPo / LiFe / NiMH
Balancing current: 200 mAh

This charger is NOT suitable for charging several batteries / accumulators one after the other. This can lead to damage to internal parts. Thus, a break of at least two hours is required between each subsequent charge.

The kit includes:

- chargers
- charging cable
- set Tamiya small / large
- manual


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Flux Universal Charger
Flux Universal Charger
289,00 kr
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