EARMOR M32 Mod 3 Active Hearing Protectors with Microphone - Foliage Green

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Active hearing protection with microphone and military-standard 4-pin plug for PTTs with Nexus TP120 socket.

This headset protects your ears from loud bangs above 82dB while having radio communication built in. 

The microphone can be moved to any side for maximum comfort. 
This model comes with a headband.
NOTE! Only works with EARMOR's own PTTs and military standard PTTs, does not work with Ztac/ELEMENT PTTs.
Information from the manufacturer:
- Noise reduction rating + NRR22
- 3 levels electronic restoration of ambient sound
- Suppresses harmful noise above 82 dB
- Different reminder tones of ON/OFF & restoration adjusting
- Power by 2xAAA batteries, approx. 600 hours of operation runtime with new alkaline batteries, 4 hours auto shut-off mechanism
- Ergonomic designed cups provide super comfortable wearing & sealing
- Replace battery like Flash with 30°twist-to-open cap designed
- Built-in NATO Military Standard 7.0 Plug for PTT*.
- Detachable microphone for both lefty or righty assembly
- Anti-sweat with NANO technology
- Foldable designed for easy portable
- Waterproof in accordance with IPX-5
- Tested and approved in accordance with CE/RoSH/ANSI S3.19-1974Standards/EN352-1:2002/EN352-4:2001/A1:2005/EN352-5:2002/A1:2005/EN352-6:2002/FCC

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