Battleaxe 150th EPM Magazine for M4 - Black

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This magazine is compatible with AR15/M4/M16/416/SCAR16/SA80/AR18 series replica from brands like CYMA, APS, Dboys, JG, A&K, VFC. Also compatible with AEG in Tokyo Marui standard. Magazine with a modern design that improves grip, ensuring faster reloading and magazine handling.

Made of durable polymer proven in battle. Features a transparent window with dummy cartridges and a rubber floor plate to protect against damage.

Type M4
Weight 200gr
Material Polymer
Main colour Black
Magazine Version Mid-Cap Spring Guided
Magazine capacity 150


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Despite everything you can read on the internet and in the manufacturer's manual, we recommend that you never introduce silicone or grease into airsoft magazines. Grease has a devastating effect on a replica because it directly lubricates the hop-up rubber and inner ear, resulting in a loss of precision and even more accentuated dust fixation. Never insert chemical products such as grease, silicone spray or any other type into the magazine, the hop-up unit, the BBs, the internal parts of the AEG: Erna. Silicone is only used on pneumatic parts such as a gearbox cylinder or a movable O-ring. Special recommendation regarding Mid-Cap Magazine :

Limit the number of cartridges to 70-80% of the mid-capacity, never force the cartridges in with a cartridge loader.
Too many balls can slow down the operation of the nozzle, which can have repercussions on the trajectory of the balls and the feed.
If you want to keep your magazine for many years, it is also important that you do not use the spring to the maximum.
Never keep your magazine filled for a long period of use, the spring loaded for a long time can be irreparably damaged with a settling effect.
Use bullets with impeccable spherical heat

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Battleaxe 150th EPM Magazine for M4 - Black
199,00 kr
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