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Ares Targeting system - Advanced electronic airsoft target

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Counts all BB's hits, from all directions.
Strong construction, resistant to snipers hits.
4G connection : Connect to Ares-Alpha servers by using the integrated 4G modem. It requires a SIM card and GSM coverage.
WiFi mode: Connect to Ares-Alpha servers by using your own router or hotspot.
Fully integrated with Ares-Alpha app.
All players can check in real-time shield level and status of the target.
Advanced admin interface: you can change parameters like shield level, points per hit, etc.
Using the magnets, you can attach it to your vehicle. Bring a new level of realism in airsoft by "destroying" vehicles.
Waterproof design: use it any conditions.
Bright RGB LEDs to view target shield and status from distance.
Integrated rechargeable batteries.
Online firmware updates for future improvements.
RFID reader for fast target reset and management.

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6100,00 kr
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