ATB Pro Bundle

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ATB Pro & Target Addon - 2023 edition
Full package at a better price

What's in the box:
1 ATB Pro
1 Target Addon
10 RFID tags
1 charger cable
1 connection cable
2 on/off keys

Made to order (30-45 days lead time)

Normal delivery time: Customised - 3 to 5 weeks
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Ares Alpha Video

Multiple game modes: Domination, Bomb, Money factory, Tags collect, VIP transport.

4G connection : Connect to Ares-Alpha servers by using the integrated 4G modem. It requires a SIM card and GSM coverage.

WiFi connection: Connect to Ares-Alpha servers by using your own router or hotspot.

Fully integrated with Ares-Alpha free app. Check in real-time ATB status, domination zones, bomb ticking, team points, etc.

Local radio mesh: Connect multiple ATB's from the same battlefield. Points from all ATBs will be synced without any online connection to the Ares Alpha servers.

Online firmware updates. Constantly updates your ATB for new game modes, external modules integration, etc.

Offline mode. Use it offline without any connection to Internet.

Advanced web management interface. Use your smart phone to configure all ATB settings.

Keep tracking of teams points.

Waterproof design. Use the box in any conditions.

Integrated motion sensor. Use it on VIP transport mode.

Integrated RFID reader and tags. Use the tags on Money Factory mode, or Tags Collect mode.

Integrated GPS. Your box will be tracked on the map in realtime on Ares Alpha app.

Integrated rechargeable batteries. Choose from Mega (48 hours) or Regular (24 hours) packs. Note that battery life it's depending on the box settings like server refresh interval, game modes, etc.

Addon interface: Conect Ares Alpha addons to the ATB Pro, like Addon target.

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ATB Pro Bundle
ATB Pro Bundle
8000,00 kr9050,00 kr
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